A Murder Story

 Long and boring days have finally come to an end. And one of the greatest festivals in Nepal, Dashain, was near. Movement of the public has increased in the past few days in city areas. Market areas were crowded and shops were making their best sales of the year. People had started preparation for the festival. I was in my village in the lap of himalayas to celebrate and enjoy a long dashain vacation. 

It was exactly 8PM. We’re preparing to sleep. Someone knocked on the door. Grandfather shouted ‘Who’s there?’, but there was no answer from otherside. He woke and opened the door. We’re shocked by what we saw there. It Was a dead body of someone wrapped with plastic cover. By seeing that, we were shocked. Our mind went blank and we're able to think what to do at the moment. We thought that if we called the police, they would make false accusations on us. So we decided to leave it in the drainage. Whole night we couldn’t sleep. My holiday was ruined. 

Next day , same time and same place, someone left another dead body on the porch. Then we decided to call the police. We waited for the police to arrive, but they arrived the next day only.

They interrogate each of us separately. Neither we’re not hiding anything from them, Nor we were the criminals, but also we were the prime suspect. We’re not allowed to go anywhere without taking police permissions. Two policemen were guarding our house 25 hour a day. 8 days a  week. 

After a week long investigation also, police we’re not able to identify the two bodies. And we’re not given any updates on what was happening. On, 12th day of crime, police identified the body. They were indian criminals. But why were they there and who killed them ? Police was still in search of the murderer. 

Since police couldn’t find any links between us and murder, we were freed from home lockup. On the 15th day police solved the case. According to the police, the two people who were killed were indian criminals and they came to our village to do a secret drug deal with the chinese since our village is very close to the border of china. But, while dealing, there arose some small word conflicts between two parties which  later became violent and two Indians were killed. Chinese were caught by Chinese police.

Chinese could have left him at the place where the murders happened. But why did they pack the bodies and take them to our home. Did police lied to close the case just because they count crack the case? Something wasn't right and remained unknown till date.


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