Ever Realized?


When you used to study in you elementary school, you had such a broad spectrum of knowledge and information. Though those knowledges were only a tiny fraction of whichever field they belong to but they were sufficient enough for day-to-day life of any typical person. The best part of this sorts of knowledge was, you could visualize and understand how the things are done( not the managerial task but the task ofter done by the front desk officer of any place).

Unfortunately, as you gets matured; you accumulate a vague knowledge of whichever field you belong to and loses all those tiny informations(common sense) needed in everyday life. Speaking of the truth, you became of those machines in the assembly line.

We often question our faith when we are drained ( physically, mentally, emotionally,
spiritually ). And the saddest aspect is , faith, intuition, believe , trust; they all work in the same manner . Everything seems crystal if the odds are in your favor otherwise it' s all turmid and dark.


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