Post Class Reflection - 6

It's 2nd September 2020, we went to one more English Class. There were last 2 presentations remaining for this semester which was supposed to be presented today. I was very excited for the presentations.

The class started with two of my companions Mani, and Jackie, introducing a short story named "Mr. Know All," composed by William Somerset Maugham. This was an energizing story that was introduced in a considerably additionally captivating method. This story manages the subject of "Never pass judgment superficially," with the attitude of individuals who actually convey contemplation's of prejudice. The story discloses to us that the external appearance would never uncover the inward reality. The presenters introduced the different parts of this story, and different points of the story that made it even more clear. 

After this, the presentation was about "The Investigative Report" and the presenter was Ayush Paudel. An investigative report was commonly made to make things clear about any incidence. These sorts of reports were typically composed to portray an incidence or a case that generally comprised of "the charged one(s)" and "the one(s) who denounced." As the introduction continued, the report's configuration, idea, and utilization were more clear to us all. 

At last, our teacher showed us about citing in the technical papers and different formats of giving citations. As always today's class was also fruitful and I enjoyed it a lot .


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