Lock Up ( Post Class Reflection 5 )

I wonder, what can be more interesting than our English class? We try something new everyday. Everyday class is different than previous one in someway. We did a lot today. There were three presentations and the new thing we did was; we wrote a diamante poem. Here's mine,

Lock Up
Inaccessible, Sealed
Unmoving, Boring, Annoying
Immobility, Laziness, Freedom, Liberty
Roaming, Chilling, Enjoying
Unbounded, Limitless

First presentation for today was on 'Memo Report Writing'. A memo is a type of document used to communicate with others in the same organization. Memos (or memoranda) are typically used for fairly short messages of one page or less, but informal reports of several pages may also employ memo format.

Next presentation was on  "Four tusked Elephant".With the help of Toulmin's model of Argumentation, they argued that with determination and curiosity, one can solve mysteries. Denis, the narrator, during the journey, met pygmies, Belgians and also ventured the forest but couldn't find the elephant. But, at least he develops his hypothesis.

Kalash and Manoj presented on a one-act play "Swan Song" by Anton Chekov. They zeroed in on the surrendered life of Svetlovidov and supports that workmanship never gets more seasoned. As we were going to end the class, Ayush Paudel, came up with his sonnet and entertained the whole class.


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