Humans Without Humanity

It was on the 7th of October, 2019 when I encountered a terrible experience. While I was returning home after buying groceries from a nearby market with my uncle, what I saw on the way completely devastated me.

At first, after seeing the crowd, I assumed there had been a small accident. But as my uncle drove the scooter towards the crowd, I could already envision what had just taken place.

On a bare field near the road laid the body of a young man. 50 metre away from him was another man on the verge of life and death, and their motorbike was on the other side of the road. I could imagine how deadly the accident had been. People said a van coming from the opposite direction hit them and ran away. They said the van had been caught by the police. Some said they had contacted police and ambulance and they were on the way, while some were busy taking selfies in the crowd just to post “What a terrible accident.” on social-media.

As I saw one young man, lying on the ground whose legs’ muscles sundered and whose bones could be seen completely overlayed with blood, I thought it must have been plenty of times since the accident. I could not stand there and see his pain, so I told uncle, “let’s go to the police station.” We went and told police about the accident. When I asked them why they had not come as soon as the people reported to them, the response I got was quite unexpected. They said, “We are not informed yet.” We don’t know whether it is true or not. But if it is, shame on those people who lied and said they called the police. They just can’t play with the lives of others.

Within 5 minutes we returned back to the scene, and police took those young men to a nearby hospital. I argued with the villagers for not helping those helpless early on. Being born as a human, the first responsibility is to help others who are in trouble. The biggest thing that distinguishes us from other beings is our sense of moral obligations; when we see the helpless, we develop a feeling of compassion on them. But nowadays, we are slowly losing the very quality that makes us humans: Humanity.

The next day, I found out that one of those young men died in the hospital; he could have probably survived if someone had genuinely informed police 10 minutes earlier. But no; no one bothered to do that job for those men. The incident touched me very hard. Even though the world is continuously developing and is at the utmost level of development today, it is sad that we are lacking humanity at such a rate that has never happened before. It saddens me when a five year old child gets raped. It saddens me when the wealthy people misbehave to the poor ones.

It’s a matter of shame that we are more determined to sustain a corporation rather than sustain the well-being of a living thing. The revolution in thoughts can’t come in a day, a month, or two. It takes years of practice; it takes more than just words to reach one’s consciousness to become aware of power one human being holds in making a difference. So, by being conscious about the surroundings and helping the helpless, we should try to be humane and add humanity to this dreary world, making it a beautiful place again. So, let's not hesitate to be kind. When we see people in need, let's ask what we can do for them; we will get immense happiness when we find out that our help values so much for others. Let's care for each other, help each other, and build a compassionate society once again.


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