We Learned Toulmin's Model ( Post Class Reflection 1 )

Today I was very excited because our University classes were again resuming. It was 1 am sharp. Most of us have already joined the class and some were joining. We waited for about 5 minutes for all of our friends to join meeting.

Then, today's class started with some informal talks before. Then we entered to out topic for today; which was Toulmin's model of argumentation. Sir explained Toulmin's model in simpler way with examples. He told us about its author Stephen Toulmin, an English philosopher who had developed it in order to counter absolutism. Class was pretty good today.

From today's class I knew that Toulmin's model have 6 sections. They are:
  1. Claims : A claim is made which is the principle point being argued for,
  2. Grounds : A Ground is provided, which is a factual foundation for the claim,
  3. Warrant : The Warrant is used to connect the claim to the Grounds.,
  4. Backing : Backing is used to certify the argument made in the warrant.,
  5. Qualifier : Qualifiers are used to express the probability or certainty of the claim,
  6. Rebuttal. : Then the Rebuttal are statements recognizing the limitation of the claim.
Today's class was very fruitful and I enjoyed it a lot.


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