The Presentation Day

Date: 24 July 2020

It’s my presentation day today. Actually, I and my team were supposed to be presenting the previous week, but due to some technical and situational difficulties we couldn’t. Everything was ready from our side. I had created presentation slides and prepared for my part of speech and my friends were also ready to deliver their part.

Class started sharply at 9 am. Everyone was on time. Our teacher decided to have some fun while learning. That’s what I love about him. His teaching technique is different and better. He conducted a live quiz game. We all joined and started playing. But again, the technical problem rose; I was stuck in the middle of the game and couldn’t complete it.

Then the teacher asked the presenters to present their presentation. There were two presentations scheduled for today. One was ours and another was from the other team. They went first.

After them, we started the presentation. Our topic was ‘Technical Papers’. Everything was going well until the Q&A section;that’s where we were asked a couple of questions by the audience and got stuck. At first, I was a bit nervous but after some time,I tackled the questions and was successful to end the presentation smoothly. That was today. A big relief day.


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