Technology Isn’t Perfect ( Post Class Reflection 2 )

Date: 17 July 2020

We had our class starting from 9 o’clock that day. Everyone was waiting for the link to join the class. Our teacher usually used to send an invitation link a day before but sadly that day he had forgotten that he had a class. So after sometime when CR informed our teacher on behalf of the class, sir sent a link.

Everyone rushed to the online meeting room and the room was almost packed within a few minutes but one important person was missing. Guess who? That was our teacher. He himself sent us a link but was not present in class. How can it be possible ?

Well, that day sir was having some technical difficulties. His laptop was not responding on time and the application was crashing frequently. That was the reason he couldn’t join. After sometime, we came to know that the class will start half an hour later than usual and sir will send us a new link;but again the second try also failed. Then after an hour of hustle and bustle, finally we started the class. The class ran for just 30 minutes and only a team presented that day. I and my team also had to present that day but as technology isn’t perfect we couldn’t.


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