A Normal Day ( Post Class Reflection 4 )

As always, today also friends introduced their piece of work. They talked "Incident Report" and "Lab reports".While some exceled, others gave their best to make it a value. It tends to be seen from their work that mates get the job done a great deal to make this a success. The hardwork they put on to make slide and extra an ideal opportunity for research has made Eak's sir idea of learning by educating and exploration a great achievement. 

An incident report is completed any time an incident or accident occurs in the workplace. It’s among the most important documents used in an investigation.
Incidents can be related to accidents and injuries or other health and safety issues, property damage, security issues, workplace misconduct and could even cover conduct of employees outside the workplace.

It is the documentation that outlines:
  1. What happened
  2. When it happened
  3. Where it happened
  4. How it happened
  5. Who it happened to
  6. Who reported it
  7. Everyone who was involved
  8. Any damage or injury that incurred 

Lab reports typically document the process followed in a laboratory for an experiment. It gives an exact synopsis of the reason, strategy, test technique, results, conversation, and end. It has its standard technique and approach. Furthermore, a couple of inquiries were raised and comprehended, finishing the introduction as well.


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