My Name Is

Hi! My name is (what?)

My name is (who?)

My name is

Slim Shady

This is a chorus of a song 'My Name is', performed by the well-known rapper Eminem. This song is Eminem's first song with a famous producer Dr. Dre. In the first meeting with Dr.Dre, Eminem had nothing to show to him. But he was determined enough to impress Dr. Dre anyhow, so he instantly started connecting his words to the beat. That's how this song was made.

Today, I am in the same situation. I have to write something but I don't have any idea.

Hi! My name is Aadarsha Dhakal. I am currently studying computer engineering at Kathmandu University. I did my SEE from Prembasti Higher Secondary School and +2 from Aroma College, Chitwan. I love music, especially the hip-hop genre. I love sports; I like to play everything. I like to be with friends and gossip.

I am very passionate about coding. I love to try everything if it involves coding. I even like to do easy things the hard way by writing codes. I am the kind of person who notices everything but does not care too much about anything until it involves me. Also, I am the kind of man who always keeps a lot of options and studies them but always happens to choose the bad one at the end.


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