I Learned That I Learned Nothing in School

Mark Twain, an American writer and humorist once said “Don't let your schooling interfere with your education.” I am heavily influenced by this quote. Actually, from my early teenage when I began thinking logically, I never believed in school education. Going to school was just a time pass for me. I never became serious in my study. Moreover, I was not hoping that school education will help me fulfill my dreams and passion. As Mark said, school education is not offering success to anyone.

I know this point is arguable; everyone might have their own beliefs on this. But, before throwing arguments in the comment section, think once. Did the formulae of algebra help you anywhere in your life? Have you used anything that you rote-learned history from your Social Studies book anywhere else in your life except in the answer sheet? I bet 99% of you haven't. If this is the case, then why do we learn those things?

Professor Perkins makes a claim that 90% of what is taught to students is a waste of time. Similarly, George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, penned, "There is nothing on earth intended for innocent people so horrible as a school." There are many other successful people claiming that their schooling has not done any contribution to their success.

Rot-learning notes just to get high marks in exams will not help you significantly in your life. In fact, by attending lectures, many students in colleges are actually dropping their dreams, passion and their natural skills. I myself find nothing interesting about the education I get in schools, colleges or universities. They don't teach me what I want to learn.

I found technology interesting since I was in high school. I created my first blog when I was in class 8. My interest was in setting up a blog site online not in writing blogs. Then, I gradually started learning other technologies. I used to manage 30 minutes everyday to improve my site and learn something new. I never did so for my homework. I never allocated time for my study. I used to do all my homeworks in school, while teachers were teaching or at lunch time. I did so because subjects I was taught in school were not of my interest.

I feel bored reading textbooks in 5 minutes, but I can stay 5 hours coding continuously. I can watch coding lectures and documentations the whole day. I remember those days in school and colleges when I used to fall asleep at 8'0 clock. Nowadays, I stay up late at night, learning how to code.

I can't say that school is useless, we shouldn't go to schools or we shouldn't attend school lectures. I merely mean to say that we have to filter things; we have to give less priority to things that we don't want to learn or which we think are useless to us.

If I think that something is not needed in my life ahead, I ignore it. For example, I never revised what teachers taught in school after going home; I never did my homework myself, and the examples go on. Either I used to show friends’ copies or I used to copy from friends’ or the internet. Only the time when I used to seriously read was during exams. I used to stay the whole night before the exam and try to memorize everything. I memorized things just for the sole purpose of examination.

I think our education system needs a reformation. Students should be taught what they want to learn. They should be given freedom to choose among various subjects so that they could learn whatever they want; they should not be taught everything forcefully. If a teacher can't teach all subjects then how can you expect a student to learn all of those? Don't make a child's brain a dustbin.

These are only my opinions. What do you think? Did you learn anything from school? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.





  1. This is one of the most honest and insightful posts I've read in a while. I 100% agree with the stuff you have mentioned, not only that, I have found myself in similar situations you've mentioned. It's like you have read my mind. Keep on expressing your thoughts. Keep it up bro.

  2. I hate when students are classified as "undisciplined" when they ask a lot of questions to their teachers.


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