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The Presentation Day

Date: 24 July 2020

It’s my presentation day today. Actually, I and my team were supposed to be presenting the previous week, but due to some technical and situational difficulties we couldn’t. Everything was ready from our side. I had created presentation slides and prepared for my part of speech and my friends were also ready to deliver their part.

Class started sharply at 9 am. Everyone was on time. Our teacher decided to have some fun while learning. That’s what I love about him. His teaching technique is different and better. He conducted a live quiz game. We all joined and started playing. But again, the technical problem rose; I was stuck in the middle of the game and couldn’t complete it.

Then the teacher asked the presenters to present their presentation. There were two presentations scheduled for today. One was ours and another was from the other team. They went first.

After them, we started the presentation. Our topic was ‘Technical Papers’. Everything was going well until…

Technology Isn’t Perfect

Date: 17 July 2020

We had our class starting from 9 o’clock that day. Everyone was waiting for the link to join the class. Our teacher usually used to send an invitation link a day before but sadly that day he had forgotten that he had a class. So after sometime when CR informed our teacher on behalf of the class, sir sent a link.

Everyone rushed to the online meeting room and the room was almost packed within a few minutes but one important person was missing. Guess who? That was our teacher. He himself sent us a link but was not present in class. How can it be possible ?

Well, that day sir was having some technical difficulties. His laptop was not responding on time and the application was crashing frequently. That was the reason he couldn’t join. After sometime, we came to know that the class will start half an hour later than usual and sir will send us a new link;but again the second try also failed. Then after an hour of hustle and bustle, finally we started the class. The class…

My Name Is

Hi! My name is (what?)

My name is (who?)

My name is

Slim Shady

This is a chorus of a song 'My Name is', performed by the well-known rapper Eminem. This song is Eminem's first song with a famous producer Dr. Dre. In the first meeting with Dr.Dre, Eminem had nothing to show to him. But he was determined enough to impress Dr. Dre anyhow, so he instantly started connecting his words to the beat. That's how this song was made.

Today, I am in the same situation. I have to write something but I don't have any idea.

Hi! My name is Aadarsha Dhakal. I am currently studying computer engineering at Kathmandu University. I did my SEE from Prembasti Higher Secondary School and +2 from Aroma College, Chitwan. I love music, especially the hip-hop genre. I love sports; I like to play everything. I like to be with friends and gossip.

I am very passionate about coding. I love to try everything if it involves coding. I even like to do easy things the hard way by writing codes. I am the ki…

I Learned That I Learned Nothing in School

Mark Twain, an American writer and humorist once said “Don't let your schooling interfere with your education.” I am heavily influenced by this quote. Actually, from my early teenage when I began thinking logically, I never believed in school education. Going to school was just a time pass for me. I never became serious in my study. Moreover, I was not hoping that school education will help me fulfill my dreams and passion. As Mark said, school education is not offering success to anyone.

I know this point is arguable; everyone might have their own beliefs on this. But, before throwing arguments in the comment section, think once. Did the formulae of algebra help you anywhere in your life? Have you used anything that you rote-learned history from your Social Studies book anywhere else in your life except in the answer sheet? I bet 99% of you haven't. If this is the case, then why do we learn those things?

Professor Perkins makes a claim that 90% of what is taught to students i…