A Murder Story

  Long and boring days have finally come to an end. And one of the greatest festivals in Nepal, Dashain, was near. Movement of the public has increased in the past few days in city areas. Market areas were crowded and shops were making their best sales of the year. People had started preparation for the festival. I was in my village in the lap of himalayas to celebrate and enjoy a long dashain vacation.  It was exactly 8PM. We’re preparing to sleep. Someone knocked on the door. Grandfather shouted ‘Who’s there?’, but there was no answer from otherside. He woke and opened the door. We’re shocked by what we saw there. It Was a dead body of someone wrapped with plastic cover. By seeing that, we were shocked. Our mind went blank and we're able to think what to do at the moment. We thought that if we called the police, they would make false accusations on us. So we decided to leave it in the drainage. Whole night we couldn’t sleep. My holiday was ruined.  Next day , same time and same p

A Poem

 I have seen a man, his arms are heavy, knees tired.. he might be breadwinner. I have seen a man, a man with rugged boots, he stinks corpses, with scars in his palms, his lame leg he might be a warhero. The man is marely a man but decoy of this hunt. this endless hunt is a timer; this timer might be all he has, yet, he continious by tireless hussle. PS. Was trying to draft a poem, don't know if it even carry a sense

My Thoughts on Online Shopping

     Hi everyone! Today I am sharing some of my experiences on online shopping, some of which you can also relate. There are numerous incredible eCommerce and price comparison companies that help us bore down to the best costs, delivery and tax advantages, and the benefit of not needing to leave home. They are becoming more popular nowadays. I have also used these services a few times. And here are some reasons why I use them. I live in Chitwan. It takes half an hour for me to reach Narayangarh from my home which is the headquarter of Chitwan district. Finishing shopping and returning home takes the whole day, while I can do the same thing within a few minutes in online shopping sites. Moreover, it saves me a lot of time since I am not compelled to remain in line to make a purchase. Whenever I go shopping, I generally go to places that I know better. I have to buy the item at a price that they say. I can't compare prices between other stores; if i try to do so then I can't f

Concept Paper on SLC Dropout Rate in Nepalese Villages

  Concept Paper on SLC Dropout Rate in Nepalese Villages      Introduction In our country, the average SLC dropout rate is more than 45%, which is very high in itself. The dropout rate varies from place to place. In himalayan region, the rate is above 70%. In my birthplace Jaubari, Gorkha, which is located in the himalayan belt of Nepal, has had a SLC dropout rate of 68% in the past year, which means only 32% of the students complete their SLC examination and the rest of the students either give re-examination or they quit studying. There are many reasons behind the massive dropout rate, but the main reason is lack of a good library. In this village, not a single library is there. A library is a must for students, especially those who are in their higher classes. I think to somewhat solve the dropout problem, a library needs to be made in Jaubari. But it’s challenging and very costly to establish a physical library in that region. The condition of roads is not good and hence the cost

Ever Realized?

     When you used to study in you elementary school, you had such a broad spectrum of knowledge and information. Though those knowledges were only a tiny fraction of whichever field they belong to but they were sufficient enough for day-to-day life of any typical person. The best part of this sorts of knowledge was, you could visualize and understand how the things are done( not the managerial task but the task ofter done by the front desk officer of any place). Unfortunately, as you gets matured; you accumulate a vague knowledge of whichever field you belong to and loses all those tiny informations(common sense) needed in everyday life. Speaking of the truth, you became of those machines in the assembly line. We often question our faith when we are drained ( physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually ). And the saddest aspect is , faith, intuition, believe , trust; they all work in the same manner . Everything seems crystal if the odds are in your favor otherwise it' s all tu

Post Class Reflection - 6

It's 2nd September 2020, we went to one more English Class. There were last 2 presentations remaining for this semester which was supposed to be presented today. I was very excited for the presentations. The class started with two of my companions Mani, and Jackie, introducing a short story named "Mr. Know All," composed by William Somerset Maugham. This was an energizing story that was introduced in a considerably additionally captivating method. This story manages the subject of "Never pass judgment superficially," with the attitude of individuals who actually convey contemplation's of prejudice. The story discloses to us that the external appearance would never uncover the inward reality. The presenters introduced the different parts of this story, and different points of the story that made it even more clear.  After this, the presentation was about "The Investigative Report" and the presenter was Ayush Paudel. An investigative report was commo

App Review: Snaptube

Downloading videos from videos site like YouTube, Facebook videos, Dailymotion etc, is a challenge for android users. There are are a lot software available for windows but very few for the android. Although you can save video from YouTube app, you cannot share of transfer it from one mobile to another.  Same problem I faced in this lock-down period. I have to download a video from YouTube and transfer that to my uncles phone. Then, I did a quick research and found a really good app. Therefore, here I’ll review a video downloading app. The app is called ‘Snaptube’. It’s a free application. It has easy interface and support video download in just 2 clicks. You can download videos in different quality. It also support video download in Mp3. Using Snaptube you can download videos from not only YouTube or Facebook but from hundreds of other sites. It shows the trending videos on different sites on different categories in its homepage. You can search videos on many video sites at once.